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Can Parson Russel Terriers be black and tan? My dog is from an animal shelter and his face resembles the dog in the above picture, especially the eyes, nose, ears, and facial shape. Also, are they generally lanky, long-legged? And is their fur wiry and coarse feeling?

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I have a black and tan Parsons Russell with a white patch on his chest- he was sold as a thoroughbred but I was sure he has a touch of Yorkie in him. Perhaps I'm wrong though and this is a colouring found in the breed? He's larger than a white parsons of the same age (just over four months) and he was the only wire-coated pup in his litter. Two of his siblings were black and tan and smooth coated, and 3 were a gorgeous light brown. Not sure what they look like as they have matured though because my dog is getting some fine wite hair coming through on his forhead.

Yes, I've spoken with a breeder that said they can be black & tan, but the normal color is white with black, tan, or black & tan markings. The Parsons Russell is the longer legged of the Russell terriers, and their fur can be smooth or wiry.

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