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I have been researching large breed dogs. I currently have (2) Boxers that I love. All my life I have wanted a Large dog. After much research I feel the Newfoundlander would fit best with our family. My only concern is that we live in TN and our summers are very hot. A much as I would love to have a "newfie" I do not want him/her to be uncomfotable. I do not know of anyone who owns a Newfoundlander in this area, which leads me to believe they may not adapt. My vet seems to think they would be OK, but I need a second opinion.

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It should be fine to own one. As long as you give it lots of shade and don't give it too much exercise and it should be fine. Give it lots of water with ice cubes and make sure it gets lots of swimming time:)

I owned a Newfie (or she owned me) for 7 years. On the advise of my vet, I had her taken to a groomer within the first two weeks in April and then again around July 4th. Both time she had a "Puppy" cut (your groomer will know what to do) This eliminates the "Blown Coat" issue above. But the hair cuts helped her tolerate our hot summers on the farm. As long as the Newfie has shade, or a pond or lake to swim in if she gets her hair cut she will be fine.

I also live in the state of Tenn. and have three Newfoundlands. They all three live in the house with me.I built an indoor kennel that they stay in while I am at work. All three enjoy the water so we spend a lot of time with "water play". They are a handful..but worth it. a lot of hair,slobber,and always underfoot.

The thick coat of a newfie protects them from the heat as well as the cold as dogs do not sweat through their skin. Think of it as putting a hot dish in an empty cooler, the cooler will help keep the temperature up in the cooler. I have had newfies off and on for 20 years and do not recommend shaving them unless they are matted. When you shave a them regularly their undercoat crowds out the guard coat and they become fuzzy.

Newfies are really good at hunting an air conditioner. Just remember lots of water to drink. Exercise early in morning or late in the evening. Your puppy will be fine. We just moved from the mountains of West Virginia to the beach in Georgia. Our four newfs did fine. As with any Newf, they love being part of the family. We only clip their bellies and long hair on their legs. They love playing in our fountains and with the water hose.

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