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A playful yet elegant aura radiates from the little Norfolk Terrier.  A small round head starts off this adorable dog.  From their head is their rectangular muzzle that ends with a tiny black nose.  Filled with emotion are their two large round eyes that can melt anyone around them.  Sitting on top of their head are two small folded over ears.  A thick neck leads to their broad shoulders and wide body.  Very short legs lead to their round feet.  Sticking up on their back is their usually docked tail.  Shaggy medium length hair covers their entire body and can be red, tan, grizzle, wheaten, and black and tan often with white markings mixed in.

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The Norfolk Terrier is a sweet and intelligent dog.  Wonderful with the family and strangers, this dog just loves people.  Plus, they easily get along with other dogs and small animals.  However, jealousy can sometimes get the better of this breed.  Easy to train and eager to please, this is a perfect dog for almost any family.  Some problems this dog has is a tendency to bark and to dig but that is only when they are bored.  A calm and stable mind makes this breed less nervous than many tiny dogs.  One part of training they can have difficulty with is being housetrained which can sometimes take them awhile.

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10 inches
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10 – 12 pounds
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General Health

With a life expectancy of 12-15 years and no common health problems, the Norfolk Terrier is an extremely healthy breed.

This breed is prone to cramps, breathing problems and epilepsy.

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The Norfolk Terrier was originally not a separate breed.  They were once lumped together with the Norwich Terrier even though their ears are different.  In 1964, England split the breeds and the AKC followed suit fifteen years later.  Both types of dogs were created for ratting and later became common fox hunters.

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Grooming is relatively simple for the Norfolk Terrier but some attention is needed to keep their coat soft.  Brushing should be done every day but does not take a long time for such a small dog.  Clipping is rarely needed and bathing is only needed occasionally.  Exercise takes a little more time because this breed is very active and needs to be stimulated mentally as well as physically.  Training is one way to incorporate mental stimulation with exercise.  Letting them hunt is another opportunity to release mental and physical energy.  Even though these dogs like exercise, they do not require it every day. However, it should be done often.

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Ideal Environment

Many homes can be brightened with the addition of the sweet and active Norfolk Terrier.  All people will get love and affection from these small dogs with large hearts.  All other animals will be happy to share their home with this playful dog.  However, the Norfolk Terrier can often get very jealous of other pets.  This dog is always willing to play and needs plenty of exercise.  For apartments or houses, this breed is perfect and fits right in. 

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Norwich or Norfolk which is better. I used to have one of these breeds, I'm not sure which one though.


Hi! I have a beautiful Norfolk Terrier that I love. Why does she bull doze people around? Is something wrong with her?

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