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(Norsk Buhund) (Norwegian Sheepdog)(Nordiske Sitz-hunde) The Norwegian Buhund is a cute arctic breed.  A small round head starts off this adorable and unique looking breed.  From their face is a long rectangular muzzle.  Large round eyes make up most of the breed’s face.  Sitting on top of their head are two huge bat-like ears which are very big in comparison with their head.  A thick neck with loose folds of skin leads to broad shoulders and very deep chest.  From their body comes four long muscular legs that stop at small rounded feet.  Sitting tightly curled up on their back is their fluffy tail.  A thick double-coat which is very fluffy covers this breed.  Coat colors vary from yellow and red to gray and black with many shade variations; most of these hues have white mixed in as well.

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The Norwegian Buhund is an extremely friendly and playful breed.  Family is most important to this loving dog that is always willing to lick or cuddle with their owner.  Children can be wonderful companions for this playful dog that does wonderful with kids of all ages.  However, strangers will be ignored or possibly barked at if viewed as a threat, but this breed is very rarely aggressive towards anyone.  Training is a must to keep this breed happy and controllable.  Sometimes training can be tough because the Norwegian Buhund is often stubborn and independent like most intelligent breeds.

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16 – 18 inches
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26 – 58 pounds
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General Health

Common areas for problems with the Norwegian Buhund are their eyes and hips which are prone to hip dysplasia.  This breed has a rather long life expectancy of 13-15 years.

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The Norwegian Buhund has a long history.  Around 900 AD, Vikings were being buried with their most treasured possessions, including these dogs who had, in life, served them well as herders, traveling companions, and guards.  Norway continued to treasure the breed and began hosting Buhund shows in the 1920’s.  Today, they are often a breed chosen to be trained in order to working with special needs individuals.

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Very little grooming is needed for the Norwegian Buhund even with their thick fluffy coat.  Brushing is needed often, but they have no tangling problems and do not need baths.  However, daily brushing should be done while they are shedding.  Activity is what the Norwegian Buhund lives for needing lots of exercise every day.  Some fun ways to release energy are by playing games or taking them on long walks.

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Ideal Environment

The Norwegian Buhund can fit into a variety of family environments.  This breed loves people and can get along great with other pets with good socialization.  Living in a large apartment is fine for this breed but they will require more exercise.  Owners of this breed need lots of energy to walk, play, and train them every day to keep them happy.  This breed lives fine in any climate but prefers cold ones.

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