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A friend of mine has asked my parents to watch his old english sheep dog for a month or two while hes abroad. He's still somewhat of a puppy so still tearing things up, my parents wont let him in the house for fear of the furniture, but i have huge fenced in yard. Would he be okay in teh summer with a close haircut and dog house to stay out in the yard even to sleep at night? (they also have a lab and mutt at home who play in the yard all day but go in the house at night.)

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I would not suggest leaving the dog outside completely unsupervised. Do they have a crate or pen to keep the dog confined indoors where he/she cannot get into anything?

Hello listen i do not recommend to keep your OES in the back yard by him/her self all the time, the OES is a very sensitive breed, and they need to be treated, just like another family member. If you keep them on chain or by themselfs you can destroy the personality of a dog, and create a totally different one from him. What are you expecting from a puppy, he has to learn just a way the human baby does. If you live a human baby in a house they will discover and grab everything they can to get to know it. So i think if you cant keep up with him/her should give him/her back to the owner, But if you keep your sheepdog exercised, they always say a tired OES is a good OES. Good luck

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