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Hello. I have just recently rescued an Olde English Sheep Dog from a Native reserve. He was tied to a pole in the back yard about 50 feet from the house. He was in horrendous conditions. His coat was very matted and dirty. I had a groomer take care of that. He was somewhat semi-aggressive with her. He is very out of character for his breed. Knowing the conditions he was left in and mistreated I understand this is something I will need to work on with him. He is very loyal and obediant for me and my partner, however we have 3 cats also, and I'm afraid to trust him with them, as he is friendly with humans but aggressive with other animals (please also consider that as he was tied there were two smaller dogs at the same residence that ran freely and a husky neighbour who was also always untied). We figure he is no older than a year old. Is there a way I can trust him not to eat the cats? He tends to attack them only from behind. If he has gone some what wild and become a predetor/hunter is it too late now to train him to live peacefully with the other animals in our home? Please anything to help this poor guy and the rest of my animal family would be great. p.s. I also have 3 rats, a chameleon and frogs and fish that he does not bother at all. But has attacked 2 of the 3 cats and barks at dogs, big trucks, and trains.

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My grandfather rescued an old english that was malnurished and slightly aggresive. At the time my grandfather was a police officer and was able to have a "heavy" hand with him. My grandfather never mistreated the dog or ever hit him. It was all in the tone of his voice and the grip on the collar that trained Duffy. Sorry to say that even with all that Duffy still has his faults. He hated cats, and he once attacked my baby brother because he had gotten to close to his food bowl, leaving my brother with a scar on his nose. Please do not think that there is no hope for your sheepdog. Besides those faults (and it took massive will for my pap to not shot that dog after what he did to my brother) that dog was great. He was very loyal and very prtective of my grandmother. He saved her life twice. So I think that with a "heavy" hand and a firm grip your dog can be saved! Good Luck!

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