Photo I have just taken in a 2 year old OESD from a rescue , she is very nervous and urinates at the sligh

maybe they've had a bad experience with their previous owner. try scolding them every time they do it

Photo A friend of mine has asked my parents to watch his old english sheep dog for a month or two while he

I would not suggest leaving the dog outside completely unsupervised. Do they have a crate or pen to keep the dog confined indoors where he/she cannot get into anything?

Photo hello , what is the significance of cropping their tails? I adopted a 4 month old who is now 8 month

I think back in the day the tails were docked only to be tax exempt and classify the dog as a true working dog. . . .today may just be to maintain the look of the breed. Most of the time tails are do

Photo Hi, we just got an OESD, he is two months old and up till now, very well behaved. We were wondering
Photo Hello. I have just recently rescued an Olde English Sheep Dog from a Native reserve. He was tied to

My grandfather rescued an old english that was malnurished and slightly aggresive. At the time my grandfather was a police officer and was able to have a "heavy" hand with him. My grandfat

Photo We purchased our OESD from a breeder. We have had 3 OESD in the past. This one has a bad temperame

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