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hello , what is the significance of cropping their tails? I adopted a 4 month old who is now 8 months old and still has her tail. i wouldn't even consider cropping it now, i was just curious as i really am just learning about this breed. sooooo much fun

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I think back in the day the tails were docked only to be tax exempt and classify the dog as a true working dog. . . .today may just be to maintain the look of the breed. Most of the time tails are docked when puppies are only a week old . . .a bit harsh to put an older dog through it . . . since I'm anthropomorphizing iit would be like getting your wisdom teeth out, just a routine !

I'm so glad to hear your dog still has a tail. Dogs use the tail to communicate, and wouldn't you miss seeing his tail wag when he's happy? I 'm getting a mixed breed in a few weeks and asked the breeder to keep the tail on. She may not look like the others, but I'm so happy with my decision. Besides, It's painful for the dog at ANY age.

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