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Do some papillons have short hair? I got mine from a shelter who rescued him from a backyard breeder, so he probably is not totally pure, but I am curious if this is normal.

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I’ve never known of a Papillion with short hair. If the dog is young, his/her undercoat might have not come in yet. Once the undercoat comes in, his/her hair should look a lot fuller.

Paps don't have an undercoat - just a top coat. Their coat length is influenced greatly by their overall health and diet as well as how they are groomed (i.e. a slicker brush wreaks havoc on their fine fringe.)

IT is WRONG to say the Paps don`t have undercoat!!!..mine does,and not little either!`s much and takes a lot of grooming to get it nice,but she always looks great! good in the winter thou with extra warm coat..:)

pappillions usually dont have short hair. when there younger like 8 weeks old they do have short hair and after a year they get long hair

paps can have short hair but most of the time its medium length or long. But it all depends on the dogs genes. so if mom had long hair and dad had long hair then the pap should have long hair. I know this doesn't help much since you don't know what the mom and dad look like though.

i dont know.

Purebred Papillons are only long haired and always lack undercoats, but the babies obviously do have short hair, which in time becomes long.

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