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I work during the day and get home fairly it better to keep the dog in the kennel all day or try and fence him in the bathroom? It is too hot where I live for him to stay outside.

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You can crate a dog for no more than four or 5 hours, and come home during lunch to allow it play. If not, then it is best to send the dog to a doggy day care. If you're like me, then teach your dog some in-house etiquette. My dogs are quite civilized so I leave them in the house and they don't tear up the place. It works b/c I think it is best to exercise the dog in the morning before going to work if you can. This will settle them down for a while during the day. Then I come home and exercise them again. You can always put toys in your living room, television on, leave the blinds a little open so he can look out, and shield off the room. This way the dog has room to roam but can't damage anything but again, exercise the dog in the morning, then he'd be too tire and content to care about tearing up anything. Or you can have someone you trust to come and walk the dog during the day so he doesn't get bored. But your best bet is doggy day care.

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