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My papillon keeps me awake at night barking at noises that I can't even hear. Is there a way to stop him from doing that?

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Believe it or not, try talking to your dog. Mine is 3 years old and she listens well. When she was a puppy, she even barked when my stomach gurggled! In the beginning, I would sit up and talk to her reassuringly while I petted her. Dogs as we all know, have different barks for different events. When my girl barks like there's no tomorrow, I'll get up with her to see what's going on. Know when it worked best? During the first 4th of July. Since then, she no longer barks at the fireworks.

My little lucy barks, when anyone passes the apartment door, when the doorbell rings and even when the phone rings. When I tell her to stop she barks under her breath, she has to have the last word. She has a High pitched LOUD bark which is so annoying. Lucy is eight years old and has been doing this since the day I got her. If anyone knows how to stop it please let me know

It may seem counter intuitive, but one of the best ways to stop problem barking is to teach your dog to bark on command. Get your dog to bark, then say "speak" and give her a treat and praise her. Then when she stops barking to eat the treat, tell her "quiet" or "enough" and praise her again. Eventually, only reward her for barking on your command, and when she barks unwantedly, tell her to be quiet. This will teach your dog when to bark and when not to.

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