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We just adopted an 8-year old female that fits all the physical descriptions of the papillion except that she is primarily black. We were told by the "shelter" that she is a papillion, which was per her only owners (who had to leave her due to a move). She does have some small white markings on her tummy and her feet. Does this indicate that she is actually a mixed breed? She does have one erect ear and one ear where 1/4 or less of the top droops over. We don't know a lot about how the previous owners treated her, but she seems very loving and loyal already after only one evening.

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Never trust what the shelter says. Probably a Papillion mix.

She could be a Pomeranian/Papillion mix - I have seen several of those at shelters that were rescued from puppy mills and they were black with white feet and their ears were more pointed (A Pap's should have rounded tips).They look very much like Papillions except they have a thick double coat instead of the silky single coat of the Paps should have an abundant coat that is silky and fine, and is straight and resilient, and it is always a single coat.

If one ear droops then she is a cross between the two different Papillon types. the drooping ear come from the Phalene type. The markings are just chance. Some don't have them some do!

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