Photo How to I get my papillion to stop barking? How do I keep my papillion to stay calm around children a

First make sure she gets plenty of exercise. She might be a bit frustrated if she has too much energy and thus the barking and nervous energy. The reason she is barking and aggressive with children

Photo Do some papillons have short hair? I got mine from a shelter who rescued him from a backyard breede

I’ve never known of a Papillion with short hair. If the dog is young, his/her undercoat might have not come in yet. Once the undercoat comes in, his/her hair should look a lot fuller.

Photo how many puppies can they have

From what I can find, they have 3-5 puppies per litter.

Photo My male Papillion puppy is around 23 weeks old.Training and kitty container training is both going g

Probably just from sleeping on that side too much. I have the same problem with my 5 1/2 year old female papillon.

Photo We just adopted an 8-year old female that fits all the physical descriptions of the papillion except

Never trust what the shelter says. Probably a Papillion mix.

Photo To the person that said their 5 1/2 yr old pap also had a drooping ear. Is it permanent? It's been

Yes it is. There is a breed of Papillion called Phalen, and their ears are not erect although can be when excited.

Photo I am having trouble potty training my papillon who is 6 months old. I have tried everything from pu

Try putting your puppy outside right after he wakes up and right after he eats. When he does go to the bathroom where you want him to, praise him a lot, and maybe give him a bit of cheese or something

Photo My papillon keeps me awake at night barking at noises that I can't even hear. Is there a way to sto

Believe it or not, try talking to your dog. Mine is 3 years old and she listens well. When she was a puppy, she even barked when my stomach gurggled! In the beginning, I would sit up and talk to her r

Photo I work during the day and get home fairly it better to keep the dog in the kennel all day

You can crate a dog for no more than four or 5 hours, and come home during lunch to allow it play. If not, then it is best to send the dog to a doggy day care. If you're like me, then teach your dog

Photo My Papilion is 10 months old and spends 90% of his time scratching and chewing on himself and he is

I have found that my 3 year old Pap is "allergic" to dog food with salmon in it. I was trying to give him things high in Omega 3's, but ended up with a very itchy scratchy pooch. I isolate

Photo My papillon is 4 months old. When should his hair start getting longer? His ears are just getting

My little pap is about 9 months and im still waiting on his coat also...hes got very furry ears and tail also on his behind his hair is long but other than that we are still im curious if

Photo I have a Pap that is about 1 year old. Do I they have an under coat? Or do they need to have a sweat

Pap's don't have an undercoat, and mine HATES wearing clothing of any kind, so I get a bigger sweater in the winter when we go on walks. I really think she would be fine without one though. She does

Photo I understand you can actually litter train a Papillon. If I were to get a puppy and raise it with my

Yes! My 2.5-year-old female pap uses a litter box with dog litter. The breeder litter trains all her dogs, and it made great sense, so we went along with her direction. It was not hard at all. Our

Photo My papillion is going on 2 years old, but his hair is still not getting long. It's long on his tail

I am thinking it is not going to happen as my pup is the same at two years.

Photo My baby loves to LICK... I think she believes me and my husband are just one big lollipop. Sometime

Mine does too, and the vet tells me this is common and a sign of self-soothing. Papillons, I am told, are very oral dogs, they like to chew and play, and lick. As long as care is taken, it shoudln't

Photo Do papillions shed a lot?

Yes. I read everywhere that if you brush them daily, they wont, but we dont really have the time for that. We brush our 3 year old once a week, on the weekends,and it seems every week a full bag of

Photo my pap is 6 mo old should he be getting his adult coat in now?

not untill they are about 1 year old my papillon is now 2.

Photo My Papillon is 4 months old and CONSTANTLY sticks her tongue out! Especially when she is running aro

That must be a papillion thing. My papillion, (her name is Lilly), she always licks us. When she is playing she will sneak attack you and come out of nowhere and start licking your face or any piece

Photo When do they get adult food?
Photo What can I give my poor little Pap who is 1 1/2 yrs. old to help him go poo easier? I think it is ma

Give your pap a teaspoon of can plain pumpkin with no spices in it from time to time.

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