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Hi, I am being offered a Paperanian couple but one is 5yrs and the other 7yrs. The owner does not feel she has the time to spend with them that they deserve and wants to give them to me. However, I am concerned about their age. How long before they start to experience health problems? They are very well cared for but how long can I expect to have them before they are no longer vibrant, active dogs? Would they be greying at 7yrs? Thank You,

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I don't know very much about Poms, but there are teenaged Papillons in agility. Many small dogs (without the shortened noses) live a long time.

Poms and Paps both have a very long life expectancy. Anywhere from 10-15 years, when fed the correct food and taken proper care of.

Our Paperanian went grey really early - at 5 or 6 years old. He is almost all grey now and looks like a totally different dog than when he was younger. He is a hearty 16 now, survived a coyote attack and a roll over car accident. He has never had any health issues and even in his old age still acts like a puppy.


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