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How often should I walk my patterdale terrier?

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well you should walk it at least 2hrs a day if you want a dog that will be be destructive in the home .they need lots of exercise to keep them happy, they are hunting dogs and you wont be able to rid them of their instincts,they love foreging around in the woods for hours at a time and will never tire before you do!!!

my dog gets at least 1 hour walk a day, and has no behaviour problems in or out of the house, he also has access to the garden through the cat flap while we are at work. 2 hours would be nice but most people only have that ammount of time at the weekend. patterdales will walk forever.

I work my 3 year old patterdale with toys for 20 - 30 mins a day I find this is enough to have a nice relaxed dog in the house. In the past I had tried just walking him and no matter how long you walk for you will never tire him out, intense toy play is the key to a happy dog.

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