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Hello, My name is rita and i would like to ask you a few questions before i get my peke. 1. which is better: male or female peke for what i need: does not poop on floor, hyper(not always),does not growl when we come closer,not very aggressive, and definatley fun. ( i know both are fun but i heaard one is more than the other) 2. how many times in a year does he/she need to be taken to a vet and a groomer? 3. what shampoo can i use, i know a dog shampoo but some people use jhonson shampoo is that good ? 4. does he/she need to be taken for a walk daily. ( i have a garden, under my apartment but i read that it is not necessary) I've learnt so many things about peke's but these are what i want help in before i make any mistakes. I really hope u can help me :)

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If you are interested in a Pekingese, I will tell you that they are very difficult to house break so if you want a dof that does no poop on the floor, i would not recommend this breed. Some Pekingese can have attitudes, but if you are going to train your dog and socialize it, then you should be o.k. This breed needs its coat to be brushed at least 3 or 4 times a week, unless you plan on keeping it coat short. If you want to keep the coat short, you will have to take your Peke to a groomer at least 3 times a year. You should use a good quality pet shampoo that is meant for breeds with these types of coats. Pekingese do not have to be taken for a walk daily, but when you are house breaking them, don't be surprised to have to take them outside at least 10 times a day or more, especially if they drink alot of water. My Peke drinks a lot of water when he is hot.

Our dog name is Gizmo, he's 2 yrs old. And we have never had problems about house training. Day one, he had about 3 accidents within a week, but after then none at all. This picture on this website looked exactly like our dog. He is a jewel. My kids, husband, friends, and family loves him. When we go out of town our friends love to dog sit him and never has any problems with him bitting others, damaging property, overly activity, or barking all day. He is a protective of family, food and his surroundings. He loves to be held, belly rubs and hear his name called.

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