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(Welsh Corgi) (Corgi) The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an odd looking dog only resembling other corgis. A peculiar shaped head leads to their slightly long narrow muzzle. Slightly set back in their head are two large round eyes usually brown in color. On top of their head are large bat-like ears. Their thick neck leads to a long cylinder shaped body. While their body is strangely long, their legs are unusually short. Their medium length soft fur covers their body and comes in many colors including red, sable, fawn, or black and tan these colors are often mixed with white marks.

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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a loyal and loving dog. Excellent with the family, these dogs are devoted and obedient with their owners. However, they are not a good breed for children who annoy or tease dogs. Usually this breed is fine with other dogs except if the two dogs are both male. This breed is always really wary of strangers and can become extremely over protective. Wonderful dogs for training, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is intelligent and willing to listen to their owners. One problem this breed has is nipping at people’s heels because they try to herd them, however, with training this behavior can be stopped.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are very loving but need a lot of attention. This breed loves to be around it's owners and interact with other dogs and family. Pembrokes are very outgoing and bold. They are friendly and intelligent dogs and are never vicious or shy. They were bred to outsmart and control large dumb animals (cattle) and sometimes need to be trained by a dominate owner they respect.

The Corgi has strong herding instincts and may need to be taught not to nip at heels in an effort to herd adults and especially children.

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10 – 12 inches
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25 – 30 pounds
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General Health

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a few health concerns including glaucoma, back problems, and PRA. This breed is also prone to obesity. A life expectancy of 12-15 years makes them a fairly long living breed.

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) has recently become an issue in some lines. Genetic testing can be done to test for this condition.

The Corgi has a long body and is prone to an Invertible Disk Protrusion. The Corgi should not be allowed to jump to prevent a slipped disk.

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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is thought to have come from Swedish Vallhunds that were brought to the United Kingdom by Vikings during the 9th century. Other stories about their origin have been floating around for centuries. The only fact known for sure is that their name – “Corgi” – comes from the Celtic word meaning dog. However their ancestors arrived in England, the breed actually took on its own unique look and personality began to take shape in Pembrokeshire, Wales. In England, the breed is still incredibly popular, perhaps because Queen Elizabeth II loves the breed.

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Grooming does not require much time or energy. Brushing should be done occasionally but baths are needed rarely. Exercise is important for this breed that was bred to run around a farm herding for long periods of time so long walks and play sessions will be very enjoyable for them. Plus, they need exercise because they are prone to obesity and plenty of exercise will prevent that.

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Ideal Environment

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a versatile dog able to live in most environments. Friendly and loving with their family, this dog is extremely devoted. However, they are not as friendly with strangers or disrespectful children. Training and socialization should be done to prevent them from nipping at people’s heels and to stop them from being over protective. They can live in all temperatures and do fine in an apartment or home. Exercise is important to this dog so long walks and lots of time to play with their family will make the Pembroke Welsh Corgi a happy and healthy dog.

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Q&A

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This is the best dog ever! We do have a problem with nipping and biting when we run and play, particularly the back of the legs and knees. How do you teach them not to bite without losing this wonderful playtime and their free spirit?

as soon as he or she nips stop.say a strong no.then continue your playif he or she does it again repeat it. the nipping should stop


I just wondered about how much our girl should weigh...she's 9 months now and eats only two times a day - 20 lbs at last vet visit. Very playful and loves to run - just making sure - I'm new to all this doggie stuff! Thanks!

that seems about right.your dog seems very healthy just make sure to keep up exercising


We are thinking about getting a pembroke to join our family. We have had a lot of problems with dogs in the past. We have a Pomeranian she is about 2, do you think the pembroke will nip at her?We dont really want a hyper dog being that we live in an apt, do you think we should consider another type of dog?

We have 2 corgi's and they do not nip at our heels or each other, however they are very playful and will fight and play with each other. It just depends on the strength of the herding instinct on the corgi you buy and you can talk to the breeder about that. I would not consider another breed as the corgi is the most loving, and fun dog I have ever owned! They cheer you up when you are feeling sad! Corgi's aren't hyper like other herding dogs can be, but need regular exercise.


I know corgis shed twice a year (big time!) but how long does this shedding last? We're first time corgi owners.

I have had a corgi now for 5 years and we deal with shedding year round. I was told that it was light controled. They stay in a room during the day that has a lot of natural light. The key is to have them groomed really well and that helps tremendously.


Our corgi is 17 months old. He has become increasingly aggressive with younger dogs. This started when he was about 12 months. Until then, he would play with all the other dogs. Is something he will grow out of? If not, what can we do?

Is he neutered? Sometimes unneutered male dogs will assert dominance over the other dogs.


i am thinking of getting a corgi. I have two cats and im wondering if they will fight with eachother?

Depends on the Cat.... Any cat that is friendly will get along great with a corgi. Corgis aren't violent, and they never start any trouble. Most corgis will simply be curious and slowly approach the cat to sniff and check it out as if it was another corgi and new friend. If the cat acts violently and hisses, then the corgi will bark to tell it to shut up.... herding instinct. If the cat remains silent and runs, then the corgi will enjoy a great game of chase.... herding instinct.


My 3y.o. boy has bad breath. He gets all types of chew things and eats dry food. A vet cleaning is too expensive. What to do?

sometimes i buy little chewy treats for my corgi called "greenies." they are little green bones that clean their teeth! you can get them anywhere that sells petfood and stuff usually, they work pretty well and might help your problem


How much should my 5 month old corgi weigh?

Rates of growth vary in different dogs but I should say a healthy weight would be about 15 - 25 pounds, as long as he doesn't appear skinny then he should be fine - when their ribs are exposed it becomes a worry!


How much should my 2 year old male corgi weigh?

Obviously this varies depending on whether he was the runt or not, however his weight should not exceed 35 pounds, if it does you should exercise him more and feed him less, some dogs react better to 3 small meals a day as opposed to 1 large one!


My Corgi started barking around 9 months and he is now a 1 year old. He barks and howls very frequently now. He used to never bark at other dogs outside while we walk but now he does. Is this a phase? Is there a way to make him stop?

Corgis are known for their superb watchdog abilities. This often leads to barking at what we think of as nothing. Try ignoring the barking. Do not yell at your dog, or he may think you are barking, too. Do not say "it's Ok, there's nothing there" or something to that effect, as he may think you're praising him. Talk it over with a dog trainer. Corgis learn very quickly.

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