Photo This is the best dog ever! We do have a problem with nipping and biting when we run and play, parti

as soon as he or she nips stop.say a strong no.then continue your playif he or she does it again repeat it. the nipping should stop

Photo I just wondered about how much our girl should weigh...she's 9 months now and eats only two times a

that seems about right.your dog seems very healthy just make sure to keep up exercising

Photo We are thinking about getting a pembroke to join our family. We have had a lot of problems with dogs

We have 2 corgi's and they do not nip at our heels or each other, however they are very playful and will fight and play with each other. It just depends on the strength of the herding instinct on the

Photo I know corgis shed twice a year (big time!) but how long does this shedding last? We're first time

I have had a corgi now for 5 years and we deal with shedding year round. I was told that it was light controled. They stay in a room during the day that has a lot of natural light. The key is to ha

Photo Our corgi is 17 months old. He has become increasingly aggressive with younger dogs. This started

Is he neutered? Sometimes unneutered male dogs will assert dominance over the other dogs.

Photo i am thinking of getting a corgi. I have two cats and im wondering if they will fight with eachother

Depends on the Cat.... Any cat that is friendly will get along great with a corgi. Corgis aren't violent, and they never start any trouble. Most corgis will simply be curious and slowly approac

Photo My 3y.o. boy has bad breath. He gets all types of chew things and eats dry food. A vet cleaning is

sometimes i buy little chewy treats for my corgi called "greenies." they are little green bones that clean their teeth! you can get them anywhere that sells petfood and stuff usually, they

Photo How much should my 5 month old corgi weigh?

Rates of growth vary in different dogs but I should say a healthy weight would be about 15 - 25 pounds, as long as he doesn't appear skinny then he should be fine - when their ribs are exposed it beco

Photo How much should my 2 year old male corgi weigh?

Obviously this varies depending on whether he was the runt or not, however his weight should not exceed 35 pounds, if it does you should exercise him more and feed him less, some dogs react better to

Photo My Corgi started barking around 9 months and he is now a 1 year old. He barks and howls very frequen

Corgis are known for their superb watchdog abilities. This often leads to barking at what we think of as nothing. Try ignoring the barking. Do not yell at your dog, or he may think you are barking, to

Photo I have a 12 year old Corgi and he is dragging his back legs. Has anyone else had this issue Is he in

An aniti-inflammatory may help.

Photo My Corgi is 1-1/2 years old, we've had him since he was 7 weeks old. He is neutered. We also have a

Any form of aggression should be cause for concern. I recommend calling a canine behavioralist, as aggression in any form is a serious matter.

Photo How can I get my Pembroke Welsh Corgi to stop biting me? He nips me hard even when I am just petting

I have two Corgis; a male and a female. The female would try and bite me when I tried to pet her. But, this was when she was a puppy. She outgrew it and now she just wants to lick me all the time.

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