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(Spanish Pointer) (Perdiguero Burgales) (Burgos Pointing Dog) The Perdiguero de Burgos (Spanish Pointer) is a large hunting dog.  Their flat large skull leads into a long rectangular muzzle which ends with a wide brown nose.  On their muzzle, the upper lip hangs down far past the bottom lip.  Set back in their skull are small light brown colored eyes.  Sitting on top of their head and lying close to their skulls are two very big, floppy ears.  A thick neck with dewlaps leads to their broad shoulders.  From their shoulders, they have a deep chest and sunken in stomach.  Skinny, yet muscular, legs lead to their semi-small pointed feet.  A sleek and smooth coat covers their entire body and comes in many color combinations including reds, browns, grays, or blues.

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The Spanish Pointer is a sweet and loving hunting dog.  Great with their family, this breed loves people.  It does really well with children of all ages and with other dogs.  However, like most hunting dogs, the Spanish Pointer should not be with small animals because of its strong hunting instincts.  Also, like most hunting dogs, they are intelligent and easy to train.  Luckily, they are very obedient and not overly independent.  These dogs are usually well behaved unless they are restricted from plenty of exercise because they may become destructive.

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20 – 25 inches
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50 – 70 pounds
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General Health

The Spanish Pointer is very healthy with no known health issues.  Their life expectancy is between 12-14 years.

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The Spanish Pointer breed started in the early 16th century and probably descended from the Old Spanish Pointer which was common in Spain and Portugal at the time.  Most likely, the Old Spanish Pointer was combined with a hunting breed known as the Sabueso Espanol.  Many of the large pointer breeds in Europe and North America can count the Spanish Pointer as one of its ancestors.  Although the breed was once nearing extinction, the breed is now being used for hunting in Spain.

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Grooming the Spanish Pointer is quick and easy to do.  Brushing should be done once every couple of weeks.  Baths are only needed when they get extremely dirty.  Their heavy ears don’t get cleaned naturally by blowing wind, so they need to be cleaned regularly.  Exercise is the most important thing this extremely active dog needs.  This breed will not do well if they are just taken on long walks.  A huge area to run off leash is absolutely necessary for this breed.  Plus, they would love to be taken out for hunting to stimulate their mind and body.

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Ideal Environment

The Spanish Pointer is a sweet family dog but is better for extremely active families.  Wonderful with people and extremely tolerant with children, this breed has plenty to offer its owners.  Plus, they do well with other dogs but should not be around any small animals.  The most restrictive aspect of this breed is their enormous amount of energy which requires a huge open space and owners with lots of time to devote to giving the breed strenuous exercise.  An apartment is definitely not the place for the Spanish Pointer.

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