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(Kelb Tal-Fenek) The Pharaoh Hound is a unique looking breed with its very small round head sitting on a long, skinny neck.  On their face are tiny round eyes and a long, yet small, muzzle.  On the top of their head are two large bat-like ears.  Their slightly broad shoulders lead to their deep chest and very sunken in stomach.  Extremely long and skinny legs lead to their tiny feet.  A sleek and smooth coat resembling an Italian Greyhound covers their body.  Coat colors do not vary from tan or reddish colors but some white can appear on them as well.

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The Pharaoh Hound is a sweet family dog.  Children and family members will get love and affection from this breed.  However, strangers will be ignored but not attacked.  This breed does well with dogs that are submissive but should not be around small animals like cats or hamsters.  Intelligent and easy to train, the Pharaoh Hound does well with obedience training and a consistent owner.  This breed is very devoted but is often independent.

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21 – 25 inches
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45 – 55 pounds
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General Health

The Pharaoh Hound is a very healthy dog.  Their only health concern is how susceptible they are to medicines and pesticides.  Their life expectancy is 11-14 years.

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The Pharaoh Hound holds the title of being one of the oldest breeds to be domesticated.  In fact, they have been humankind’s loyal companion since around 3000 B. C.  Because they are so ancient, no one knows for sure where they came from, but they were kept as pets by Egyptian pharaohs and were immortalized in some of that civilization’s artifacts.  However, the dog actually is credited as having come from Malta.  In 1974, the Pharaoh Hound became the national hound of the island country.  Although they are ancient, the breed only became part of the AKC in 1983.

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Grooming this breed is very easy because of their smooth sleek coat.  A rubber brush should be used occasionally on the dog’s coat and they do need bathing from time to time.  Exercise is crucial for these extremely fast and active dogs.  Long walks every day will be good for this dog, but they also require frequent time to run off leash or even to run by your bicycle.  Another important thing this dog needs is early socialization because they have the tendency to be shy in adulthood.  They also should have obedience training to stimulate their mind and to make them well behaved.

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Ideal Environment

The Pharaoh Hound is a great dog for many living situations.  Great with kids and family members, the Pharaoh Hound gives love and affection often.  However, the breed is reserved with strangers.  They should not be around small animals because of their strong hunting instincts.  This breed can live on a farm or in a city apartment but no matter where they live they need lots of exercise.  This breed cannot be allowed to run in an unsecure area because they will escape to hunt, so secure fencing is a must.  Warm climates are preferred by this breed that also likes warm beds to sleep on.

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Are they good with cats?

If they are raised with cats that are used to dogs they should be fine but let me explain...if the cats runs they will chase for sure. So if they are with cats who have not been socialized with cat friendly dogs and the cat runs the Pharaoh Hound will chase it. My Pharaoh Hound lives with 2 cats and she loves cats, mostly I think because she pounces and they run and she can chase them but she has never harmed them, they just play chase which is great fun to watch. The cats sleep with both of my dogs and lick the dog's faces and ears, etc. I love to watch them play and they truly enjoy each other. I live in a cold climate and playing with the cat is a great distraction for cabin fever for my Pharaoh Hound. A stray cat encountered outside would definitely get chased even by a cat socialized Pharaoh Hound.

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