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Are they good with cats?

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If they are raised with cats that are used to dogs they should be fine but let me explain...if the cats runs they will chase for sure. So if they are with cats who have not been socialized with cat friendly dogs and the cat runs the Pharaoh Hound will chase it. My Pharaoh Hound lives with 2 cats and she loves cats, mostly I think because she pounces and they run and she can chase them but she has never harmed them, they just play chase which is great fun to watch. The cats sleep with both of my dogs and lick the dog's faces and ears, etc. I love to watch them play and they truly enjoy each other. I live in a cold climate and playing with the cat is a great distraction for cabin fever for my Pharaoh Hound. A stray cat encountered outside would definitely get chased even by a cat socialized Pharaoh Hound.

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