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I've heard that Polski Owczarek Nizinny dogs are hypo-allergenic. Is this true? I've read that they shed a little - is that really accurate?

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Our PON sheds very little but we do brush her once to twice a week. She sheds no more than our poodle cross. I am not sure if they are hypo allergenic they do carry alot of stuff in because of their hair. Not for neat and tidy house in that they drip from their beards when they drink. But its all worth it we love our PON and couldn't imagine not having her in our life.

No dog (or cat, for that matter) is hypoallergenic. All produce dander, saliva, mucous and urine, which are the substances most likely to trigger allergies. An individual person may find a particular dog that they are able to tolerate, but one cannot claim and entire breed is therefore safe. Work with an allergist to identify which substance you are allergic to and I hope you can find one to love!

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