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I bought my Pomeranian at a pet store and they promised he is a full blooded Pomeranian. He even came with papers showing who his family is. He is 8 months old and weighs 15.5 lbs. He is not fat. This is twice as big as a large Pomeranian should be, so does it mean he isn't full blooded?

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I just got a pomimo and her father is a 15 pound parti pom, much larger than my 7 and 9 lb. poms so this is an interesting question I would like answered too.

Probably not. Pet stores are very unreliable sources when trying to find out if the dog is pure or not. You may have been told what they thought you wanted to hear.

Pomeranians can range from 3 to 20 lbs. The AKC Standard is 4-7 lbs, with 3 and under being considered 'Tiny'. Poms are a breed that has been bred down from a Spitz...a hard working, sled pulling dog...so many of them will carry the Spitz, or large gene. Yes, he is probably full blooded....Pet Stores get a bad rap, but in all actuality, they purchase their pups from only the best breeders and they are VERY critical on the pups they do buy...so as long as you bought your Pom from a Respected & Reputible Pet Store, you shouldn't have any worries.

Poms use to be 20-30lb before they started to breed them to be tiny 3-7lbs. My last pom was purebred and weighed 19-20lb normally, not overweight, and she lived to be 16 years of age. They say the larger ones have less health problems and tend to live longer lives. I found that to be true.

My pom is full blooded and is about 17lbs. That's normal. Not common, but normal. Poms have a wide range of sizes.

Read the history of the breed. Males always tend to be larger than females. Their coats are thicker, this has to do with breeding cycles of females. Check out the history of your dog, and their behavior before adopting a pet, and I'm sure you've been told...NEVER go to a PET STORE. There are purebred Poms and other breeds who have been rescued and need homes too, yes, they have puppies too. I got me full bred "Bunny" from Southern California Pomerania Rescue after fostering her...we all fell in love. Google them.

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