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My Pom is a purebred, however, I opted not to get papers....I am noticing that her hair is longer but not as full. She is 9 months and I’m wondering if her hair is done growing??? Will it become fuller as she ages? At what age is she full grown?

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She`s still pretty young. Her hair might not be full yet because she hasn`t gone through a full year`s worth of seasons. She should start to grow her undercoat soon and that should make her look a lot fuller. Small dogs usually reach adult weight around 1 year. Large breeds stop growing around 2 years. If she starts to show rapid weight gain after a year, switch her from puppy food to adult. My mother kept her Chihuahua and Schipperke on puppy food until 2 years and they got very fat.

She is still a pup, and just coming out her puppy uglies. Poms adult coat comes in at or around a year old. Females coats are different from the males, females do not keep a full coat as the male due to going into season or giving birth. You nothing to worry about. She still growning into a beautiful pom. Fish oils are great for poms coats. You'll find it some dog foods.

I don't really know but a pomeranian coat needs to develop. By age 3, it's coat is complete.

She is a she,,,well She may never get the full mane and bushiness of a male,,some do some dont,,,the female is never quite as full as the male,doesnt matter,,by the time you count to 100 she will be shedding all over and you will be just as glad she doesnt have as much fur as a male,,good luck with her,,,

ah please dont worry... i had a pom until sadly he died of old age, he went through an ugly duckling stage, but rest assured they all turn into beautiful swans in the end and she is stil a baby

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