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My pom is 11 years old going on 12, she has never been on a leash AT ALL in her life. Is to late to train her?

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no....an old dog can still learn new tricks,though she might not be as eager to learn...

Hi! My pom NEVER liked being on a leash, and I kept on trying all the time. We lived on a farm where she could get excercise, but were moving to the city, and I wanted to train my pom so she could go for walks. My pom was smart and learnt by slipping the collar over her head, she wouldn't have to walk. I put another hole in her collar to tighten it, making sure i could still fit two fingers in. Eventually, Lady my gorgeous pom learnt to walk on her leash and now does fine and no, she is not a young pom at all. I think as long as you have a good relationship with your pom so that she trusts you, she'll be fine. I've learnt patience DEFINATELY HELPS!!! Hehehehe... be patient and consistent with your training and she'll be fine. Hope all goes well with your aim! :)

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