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I adopted a dog a few months ago and the dog pound didn't know what breed she was. I did some research and I think she looks like a mountain cur, but I need a second opinion. She's medium sized, she's brindle, her ears are high up, her chest and paws are white, she's fast, she jumps high , and she's very protective. here's a picture of her [IMG]http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff502/kateoz32095/lily.jpg[/IMG]

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Your image isn't coming up. So I can't tell from the looks. Brindle shows up in many dog breeds and now is overly used as a "cur mix" indicator. bully breeds grey hounds, great danes, mastiffs, in fact any dog that carries the genes to product a black dog has the brindle gene too as black and brindle are genetically very close. Scotty dogs come in brindle even, so do horses and cows and neither are curs to my knowledge. Ears, face, natural bob tail hind legs look almost hyena like. Temperment is the final thing soft and gentle with people but no back down attitude with animals. And what I consider the ultimate test is the squirrel test. Every dog chases squirrels, Mountain curs go nuts over them. Not just the sight, but the smell, and the noise, If they perk up at the smell of squirrel and lift their nose in the air to get a better whiff that is cur. Cur's wind game instead of trailing, picking the scent out of the air an not off the ground like hounds. Check for functional dew claws and really sharp nails. It is easy to make a mutt that looks like a mountain cur. Many people ask what kind of dogs my mountain cur and vizsla/beagle are because they look a like. It is hard to tell just by looks without dew claws or natural bob tails but the game instinct is a dead give away. especially if the dog looks up alot that was bred into them.

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