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(Prazsky Krysavik) (Prague Ratter)The Prague Ratter is known as the smallest dog in the world.  The breed has a very small round head leading to an equally small muzzle.  In comparison to their head, they have large, dark eyes.  One distinct feature of the breed is their huge bat-like ears.  Their small neck leads to a broad chest and round stomach.  Their extremely skinny legs lead to very tiny feet while their short tail can be docked or left natural.  A short sleek coat covers their small body.  Coat colors do not vary from the traditional black and tan.  The breed actually closely resembles a Chihuahua. 

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Krysariks come in a variety of colors including: black and tan, fawn, red, liver and tan, and blue and tan.

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The Prague Ratter is a friendly little dog.  Good with family members and children, this dog is sweet and loving.  Plus, they do well with strangers.  The breed may slightly guard their owners but will not be aggressive.  The breed is surprisingly lively and playful for their small size.  Intelligence is in this breed’s nature, and they use it for training.

As the dog is very intelligent, it is normally very good at agility training.

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7 – 9 inches
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2 – 6 pounds
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General Health

The Prague Ratter is not a common dog so many genetic diseases have not formed in their breed.  However, their legs which are very tiny are prone to injury.  The Prague Ratter lives approximately 12-14 years.

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The Prague Ratter originated in the Czech Republic and Slovakia a long time ago.  Originally, the breed belonged mostly to the nobility and wealthy of those countries.  As the dog became more common, ordinary people also began to become owners of Prague Ratters.  The dog is not widely known outside of those countries.

It can be very difficult to find a breeder out side of the Czech Republic. There are roughly 15 breeds in the Scandinavian region and only 4 in the United States.

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Grooming is an easy job for this tiny breed.  Brushing or wiping them with a cloth occasionally will keep their coat clean.  Even though this is a small breed, exercise is still very important.  They enjoy playing games and should go on walks.  Caution should be taken by Prague Ratter owners because of the breed’s fragile legs.  Because of their fragile legs, extreme activity and jumping should be avoided.  Prague Ratters get cold easily and should wear dog jackets in cold weather.

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Ideal Environment

The Prague Ratter is great for lots of family environments.  Family members, strangers, and children will all receive warm greetings and affection from these small but sweet dogs.  Special precautions should be taken to avoid injuring their frail legs and to keep them warm in cold weather.  Apartment living is fine for these dogs, however, they do need exercise. Most of that energy can be released by playing in the house.  They do best living in warm places because they get cold easily but wearing a dog jacket can help.

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How much do Prazsky Krysarik usually cost?

$1000 to $1500


What are some tips on house training a Prazsky Krysarik?


Because I am in Hong Kong.But I have a dog look like Minature Pinscher & Prazsky Krysarik?? My dog is 3yrs already.3lbs only.

I too am looking into the Prague Ratter breed and from the info I have found the Prasky Krysarik is NOT the same as a MinPin. The Krysarik is smaller, with thinner legs and the chest is not as deep. The face has a more defined stop and the muzzle somewhat shorter. They do resemble MinPins and that's one of the reasons they have such a hard time getting Recognized. The reasoning is 'we have the minPin already so why bother having another breed that looks like it? The breeds probably have developed along the same time lines, one in Germany and the other in Bohemia. but they are different breeds:)


Hi do you know where i can get a Prazsky in Australia?

You can contact me as I know where you can get Prague Ratters in Australia . Email :

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