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Can the american bulldog be in a cold climate?

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Their skin and hair isn’t that thick. They aren’t meant to be cold weather dogs, but if you keep them inside they should do fine. The cold won’t matter when they go outside to play since they will be getting a lot of exercise and producing heat. They would probably only get to cold during the downtime. I’m not sure how cold it is where you live, but I have friends here in the Midwest and their American Bulldogs love the snow and do fine in the cold.

Their fur is relatively thin, but they should be fine if you keep a good watch on their temperature. Look up the signs of hypothermia in dogs, and just make sure that they're warmed up if they ever start showing symptoms. I agree, though, that I would keep them inside - though I think this is best anyways for a good bond with your dog - and if you live in the city, try and buy booties for the dog if he walks on salted sidewalks.

yes they can because my sisters stayed in it while having pups!

Yes most certainly. Ours does beautiful.We live in North pole, Alaska. He loves the snow!!

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