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Does AB have a bad reputation?

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American bulldogs are associated with a bad reputation because of how similar they are with Pitbulls. I own my first American Bulldog right now and must say, he is the sweetest dog that I have ever had. Great with children, protective of his family and very loyal as well. I have also owned Pitbulls in the past and they are the same exact way. If you ask me, any dog can have a bad reputation based on how the owner has trained them.

remember reputations mean nothing. Ive meet some very vicious poodles. And hear of some awful lasa apso attacks. Just because a dog looks mean, does not mean you must raise it that way. And just because a dog is small soft and cute, doesnt mean its naturally nice. Raise you dog of the exact saying of treat others the way you would want to be treated and you dog, no matter what the breed, will be a good friendly dog. Its also important to socialize your dog with both people and other dogs and lots of them. The more they get used to both the friendlier they will be!

No, the reputation is a direct reflection of the owners.

no only the owners

My American Bulldog came to me at 9 months of age after 5 previous loveless homes. She had never been around cats and accepted my cats with no problem and loves to play keep away from my bossy red hen. My only complaint is that she is the world's worst guard dog. She loves everyone!

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