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Hello we are going to get an Ab puppy on the 25 th of june 2009 and I wanted to know if there was anything we needed to know about training so that we can have the perfect AB. I have already signed up for puppy classes but I want to make sure to do everything we can to have what I think is the perfect family pet.

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Socialize Socialize Socialize...we have an AB 7 month puppy...we bring her everywhere with us and she is the friendliest playful puppy...but we socialized her when she was young with all kinds of people and dogs of all sizes etc. They are a great breed.

This is a fast learning breed and is eager to please. So with clear consistant positive training this dog sounds like the perfect one for you. Use positive reinforcement only. Make sure you do your own research as I have found a lot of people who should know about most breeds (trainers, vets etc) don't seem to know much about this wonderful breed.

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