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How is this dog with cats???

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we have had three elkhounds over twenty years, with our first we had a cat he was fine but would try and chase cats outside. Our female is fine with all cats even if we visit friends with cats. Our last dog was not keen at all but at the time we did not have a cat so this was not a problem. The breed like to hunt so will chase a cat if it moves but with careful introduction there will not be a problem, but each dog is different.

Our hound is a little hyper and uneasy around other dogs and cats. Sadly I dont think she would be ok around cats. My sister has kittens and it took some strength to hold her back when she saw the kittens. Its just like anything else, it depends on each dog and what they will tolerate

my dog got along fine with my cats, he was the smartest dog i ever had

I have two cats and a pug along with my female Elkhound. I have no problems. For the most part my EH ignores the cats. They will rub up against her and she might sniff them a little but that's about it. Although, when we go to my friend's house, she tried to chase their cat until she got used to it (and the cat stopped running).

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