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I'm thinking about getting an ab. Has anyone have an opinion on weather a female or male has better temperment or aggresion. Eather one would be fixed as it would only be for a pet....

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I have 2 American bulldogs (male and female). I really can not tell you that there is a huge difference in temperments. Both would be lap dogs if they could and at 95lbs on the female and 120 on the male it is just not possible. If properly socialized as pups I do believe you will have a great dog no matter the sex.

we have a female and boy does she like to be close to you. if she can she will sit on me or lean against me all the time never leaves my side. Dont know about the male but Izzy is a great companion

I have owned 4 american bulldogs 2 males and 2 females and they are like people each different. All are loving some more than others, all will protect you some more than others, and all are hyper as puppies some more than others. LOL

I've never owned a male, but our female ab is just a big happy dog who loves to lean on you and loves to be leaned on. She's the most snuggling loving dog I've ever had. When she gets excited she kind of 'dances'. She was a terror as a puppy but has ended up being a pretty mellow adult at 3 years old.

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