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I Have 2 x Male border collies (one is nutered) plus a small Female toy pom and female Maltese poodle, both sterilized). I am llooking to get a Male American Bulldog. Will I have problems with the other males, and smaller dogs? I am aware that socializing is important, but will they start fighting when he reaches maturity, like I have been told a pitbull would?

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i have a lovely female american bulldog (8 months) and wow....very high prey drive.especially small fast moving ceatures.i suppose it's possible if you socialize early. i would imagine this would be A LOT of work to say the least.depends on how devoted you are to socialize this breed.

I don't think you will have a problem as long as you socialize early. I have a 14 month old AB and he plays with my parents Min Pin. He is very careful not too hurt her because she is so much smaller.

Youre not really suppose to pair a large dog with a tiny dog because of the size difference. Do you know if the border collies are dominate or not. Personaly I wouldnt put a male american bulldog with the male dogs mainly for weight differences, esp. if the bulldog you're getting is dom. and so is one of your border collies it could lead to a fight and theres a good chance your border collie may get hurt.

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