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I have a 15wk old am bulldog, and she has to potty just about every 20 to 30 minutes. No matter how much I take her out she will come back in the house and potty (pee) in the floor after about 5 to ten minutes. If my wife or I walk out of the room she whines and barks like she is scared to be alone. Again she'll potty in the floor if we walk out of the room even though we just took her out. She sleeps with us and she will sleep all night without going out to potty. We just don't understand how she can hold it all night, but can't go for more than 30 min during the day. Any suggestions?

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Our American bulldog took alot longer to "potty train" then the rotti's we use to have. I asked the vet and she said that they are more easy going and I guess she meant lazy. But just keep up with it and your dog will get the hang of it. Ours is now 5 years old and the best dog. We can leave her out in the house when we are gone and she never makes a mess.

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