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I have a AB female who is 11 months old. She was fully potty trained when we got her but after she got sick and came home from the vet she started potting in her kennel and in the house. so we started housebreaking again and its not working.We feed her at noon so eveything has time to go thru but as soon as we let her back inside she goes to the bathroom and at night she pottys in her kennel . we don't leave her in there for la long period of time and she still does it no matter what. I don't understand what is going on but i had to resort to putting her outside at night and when we leave the house i don't want her outside i want her to come inside during those times but because of the potty thing its hard to do that. This has been going on since she was 17 wks old and she has been outside for 2 months know and she hayes it and so do i. Please help.

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I had similar problems with my AB. They are norotiously hard to house break. Just be constistant. Reward the dog when she goes outside. Give her a treat. Also, make sure to give her enough time to go when you do take her out. If she keeps going in her pen she might have a parasite or be allergic to her food. Take her to your vet to make sure. Hope this helps and good luck.

Sounds like you have no choice but to leave her out side. Leaving the pup out is not a bad thing. And the pup might need a spanking once or twice dipping the face in the mess will teach them for life! They are testing you. I spanked mine twice and he never did it again. He is 4 months old. When I leave the house I never keep him inside especially in a cage or kennel. Mine would go nuts. I have a great mix breed dog half German shepherd and pit as a father figure to my American bulldog. His temperament is so sweet that he taught him to be well behaved as a puppy. He actually mothered him and cleaned him. So I'm the pack leader and he plays with him. Yours may be lonely and needs to run around in the yard when you gone at night keep her in your room next to your bed to watch her. And treat her like a dog not a person and she will be the best thing ever.

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