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I have a freind who also has a sweet tempered male AB-My girl is awesome and has made a wonderful freinds with my two young children----SHE is beautiful. Would it be wise to breed them once to keep the pups between our two families as we are all about keeping them docile and properly trained to bring theyre reputations in higher grace or would it be better to stop as our luck is high and have them both fixed now without ever being bred. I do not want to cause any personal harm or disposition changes to our beautiful girl or our freinds loving male-someone with more experience with these dogs PLEASE HELP!

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You are the first person I have heard that wants to breed for the right reason. Keeping the docile personality and temperament along with training is the reason 2 dogs are bred. Expect a slight change if you choose to breed. Make sure that the parents and the pups are all on appropriate food (email me @ 4pawstraining@gmail.com if you would like to know which ones I recommend) and not food that is just cheap. Read up and do a lot of research on breeding. Then you should be set. Also be sure all the papers are in order.

There are many wonderfull dogs of all breeds and mixes that are dying in animal shelters. The only dogs that should be bred are champion show dogs with good temperments. Popular breeds are ruined by non-professionals breeding to a friends dog. Only a professioonal will know what genes are in a bloodline. Non-pro breeding leads to vicious Saint Bernards, unpredictable temperments in collies, genetic blindness in mastiffs, deafness in dalmations and animal agressive pits and I could go on. Leave it to the pros and adopt from the many purebred rescues, please.

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