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I have a well behaved and fairly mellow 4 year old female AB. She spends a lot of time indoors with my husband and me. We currently have hardwood flooring which our AB has pretty much destroyed with her nails. I’m looking to change the flooring. I have had several flooring recommendations, but they are all from people with small or medium breed dogs. Any AB owners out there have any good flooring recommendations?

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CARPET! Carpeting is the safest thing you can do. The dogs will not slide on it. It is easily cleaned. we wash our carpets twice a year as we have two AB's and are getting a third. The carpeting will also prevent sliding which they can bust a hip from, my littlest one broke her femur when she slid on linoleum after coming down the stairs. renting a rug doctor twice a year and putting in quality carpeting is the easiest and safest. spoken from experience.

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