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I have an AM bulldog puppy about 6 months old. He has so much energy it is insane, I take him for walks and let him run around outside. he will rest for a few minutes then be so excited to see me or anyone that it is like he is going to explode. He wants to climb all over me or anyone, I try to teach him not to jump on people, I cant seem to get him to listen to me about it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to listen better and calm down some???

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My american bully was the same way as a pup. I put a leash on her and when people would come over I would stand on the leash so that if she were to jump she would catch herself. It only took 2 times and she didnt jump anymore...still got excited but not the take you down jump. Also take an obidence class...they love to work and please their handlers so just try to take a class and teach basic manners it goes a LONG way!

just be patient and CONSISTANT.no matter the reaction you get from other people.you may need to ask others not to show any affection to the dog unless he calms first. you really have to be very clear and mean what you say to the dog. dog needs to learn sit, down, etc.basic commands. he's only six months. the hard work you put in now will be well worth it.good luck!!

I have found success with my AB by simply crossing my arms across my chest and turning my back to him. Now he runs right past me!

I have 4 AB and find the best way to stop them jumping up is to go down to there level to greet them once they are calm good luck

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