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I have been reading a lot other sites and noticed that they have quite a few skin issues and bumps. Has any one come across this?? If so what did you do for a cure??

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I had the same problem with my bully and I was feeding him solid gold foods from all types chicken, bison, lamb and he still had the problem until my friend down the street showed me her female pitbull that weighs a wopping 91 lbs. she told me to try kircklands signature chicken & vegtable formula which costs like half the price of solid gold. It does wonders he cleared up almost instant from all his hot spots, bumps and he doesn't scratch and chew himself anymore. My friend said she's been feeding her dog the same food for the last few years now and mine is doing great for the last few months he has none stop energy and reflexes like a cat.

My AB had a skin issue, little bumps all over her. I asked my vet and he said to buy a oatmeal shampoo and bathe her every so often. I did one thing extra and bought a conditioning spray also. Her skin cleared up in a couple weeks.

one thing my vet recommended was to put him on a bland diet. Chicken rice and cottege cheese, after no food for 24-36 hours. After you dog is on this diet for a couple days switch back to normal diet and if bumps continue he/she may be allergic to some food.

Ours had the problem. We discovered it was the food. We put him on a diet which excluded most grains especially corn. He is great now. salmon potato is a good place to start. So you don't get sticker shock it is very expensive but well worth it.

my AB has major allergies. she's been on quite a few meds and nothing seems to help. i've also tried oatmeal baths. i was told it was seasonal allergies. she also gets ear infections. any suggestions?

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