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I just bought a 4 month old white shepard and i was wondering why her ears are floppy and also she has a tint of brown going down her spine and some brown on the edges of her ears, i dont know if that is normal or not?

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Yes, this is normal. German Shepherds and White Shepherds ears will go up and down while they are teething. If they are not up by probably 5 months, you might look into taping the ears.

As you your query on the cream coming in- yeah they get that. The ideal color is pure white with no cream at all, and generally any that do get any cream will tend to get more with age. Some genetic lines have better white coat color than others, however this does not afect temperament or any other attributes...some foods can also sometimes increase red pigments...kelp is an example of this. Growing up, my mother used to add kelp powder to the food of our Finnish Spitz (they're supposed to be red), the dogs would grow in a darker,deeper red than they otherwise would.

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