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I just got a mountain cur puppy, and he's awfully silent. He won't even bark at people when they are entering our yard. Why is he like that?

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Yes, they are extremely quiet dogs. More like a cat, right? Love mine.

because they are a very gentle quiet dog and not agressive! thats why i love mine!

My sweet girl, who just ripped apart a rattle snake that I got to close to without noticing, is the noisiest dog in my pack of six rescues. Luckily I have no neighbors, so I don't reprimand her when she barks for half an hour every morning. She starts back up with the barking for about twenty minutes, in the late afternoon. The rattlesnake episode just happened, I'm still shaking from how close a call it was for me. That's why I'm on this site, just scoping out info on mountain curs, since she is my only experience with one. She's a great girl, I'm quite impressed.

Depends on the dog, I didn't hear mine bark for 2 weeks. Still a quiet dog but he can be noisy but it more when he plays he makes a lot of what we call "cur noises" I only hear cur dogs do this and it sounds ferocious and scares some owners at the dog park but that his play. He still doesn't bark much on his own unless it is to tell me about a squirrel or other critter. Does the dog know your visitors if so they are comfortable. If you want it for protection try having a stranger to the dog over and see how she does with a complete stranger. Some dogs just make bad guard dogs. Curs are known to be very friendly with people. get a squirrel in a tree and if he won't bark at that then who knows. Our boy is pretty quiet and barks when our other dog gets him going or if there is a game.

It is completely normal. They were bred to be silent on the trail, so you don't have to worry.

My girl is a barker - but only when there's danger. She doesn't bark when she spots/chases prey. But let the UPS or FedEx truck go past our house and you'd think it was armageddon! Her hackles go up from her head to her stubby and her bark has a growl to it. A friend says she's the sweetest, most loving critter who does a full 180 and becomes Cujo scary when someone unknown comes near the house. It's fine with me - we live in the country and I'm nearly deaf. I only hear her bark when I have my hearing aids in so it's a warning to others to stay away. Oh, she will also bark when the hawks come too close to the house - I rescue - usually have kittens and puppies around and she protects them also.

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