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I own a pug that is digging everything in my house and also is destroying walls and furinture. How do I get him to stop tearing up my house and make it possible for me to leave him home alone with out putting him in a cage.

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He probably isn't getting enough exercise. He is chewing and tearing things up because he is frustrated. Chewing and tearing things up is a way to vent that energy. A couple of 20-30 minute leash walks plus some playtime in the yard/dog park should help him relax.

1 get more toys and walk 2-3 times a day my pug did tha and all i did is give more time outside then more toys and that all ended just dont go tooooo far they dont like it because you will carry them home

get another pug-that is what i had to do-pugs hate being alone-they are not dogs that like to be left aloine, but with another pug esp. or dog around they are happy and fine.

A cage or kennel would be the solution in your case. This is a dog and if it damages your house you obviously want to address this right away. I do not understand what people have against cage or kennel. My dogs were all trained in a cage and they are very happy.Well, this is your decision.

I also have a pug dog that tore everything up when left alone and still does. So I bought the baby play fence. About $60 at babies r us and he stays in anytime I am gone and not as small as a cage so he has a little more room.

You can also try leaving the radio or tv on for company.

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