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My 51/2 month old American Bulldog just started to display possession aggression with certain treats and sticks. I used to be able to open his mouth with my hands with no problem, but now he has started to snap at me. What is the best thing to do? With proper give/take training can I get rid of this behavior?

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First and formost if this is your first Am. Bull I must stress do not baby this dog, 5 monthes might be a little late. I've owned and raised many. as a pup the first thing you have to do is when the pups eating put your hand right in the food bowl, if he shows the slightest aggresion slap the crap out of him and take bowl off em, it may sound slightly cruel but you have to show him dominance you have to be pack leader.If not this dog is gonna rule the roost and belive me you don't want that, Just remember your not dealing with a beagle or a lab here, they have to know from a young age your in charge Hope the answer helps

Shocking! Dont hit him unless you want to get bitten. He is already in agressive mode. Use a bamboo back scratcher or something similar to pull the bowl away and return it immediately so he will realize he will get it back. Dont say anything but if he comes after the bowl, just continue to pull it away. Dont show fear. When he allows you to slide the bowl away, give him a treat and praise. Even if you have to stop the exercise before you are sucessfull you will still be making progress. If you dont scold, you are not losing his respect. Just be persistant. Get him into obedience training immediately or practice what you may already know to establish your dominance. It is critical to regain control ASAP before this behavior becomes ingrained.

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