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My 6 month old American bulldog was hit by an "intruder" today, what affects will this have on my dog, and will it make him aggressive towards all people that try to enter my house? He was hit quite aggressively and wanted to attack the person after they did so. I'm afraid this may result in my dog becoming overly protective and aggressive, and would have to be destroyed if this is the result, i am concerned as I cherish my bulldog as if he were a member of my family. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

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I think that at 6 months old, your dog should be fine should you re-socialize him/her. The dog needs to know that not all "intruders" are going to hit her. These dogs are EXTREMELY smart and will learn appropriate behavior quickly, but you need to do this asap. Just have various people, ie friends, family, neighbors, come over and greet you in a positive way. Just make sure, especially at first, that the dog is on a leash for you to control.

My dog was attacked by an unwelcome but known visitor who came into my home when I was gone at about 10 months. She wa bleeding from superficial wounds and had a badly sprained leg but she still likes him and everyone else and I am sure she will let him in again so I now have a mastiff too.

Most states recognize a dogs right to defend itself or its owners if threatened in any location. My dog did bite the intruder and he deserved it!

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