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My AB has bumps all over her back, I tried looking at her skin and it looks like maybe a rash? Has anyone else had skin problems with their dog? What should I do? Any home remedies that will make her feel better?

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My AB Jake has also had the bumpy rashes, I'm pretty sure it was due to the shampoo I was using. I found that giving him a dose of benadryl everyday helped with the rash and itching and switching to a shampoo that has aloe in it. He has not had a bumpy rash since!

Our American bulldog is prone to bumpy rashes. He can't be washed w/ most kinds of shampoo w/out breaking out in rashes. He also has developed bleeding spots on his skin that seem to bleed w/out provocation. I have been treating them w/ neosporin. I am going to try diet changes as well.

My AB also gets the bumpy rash since he has skin allergies, his vet told me to give him benadryl twice daily to help, also to bathe twice weekly once with an allergy shampo and once with an aloe containing shampo. They are prone to skin allergies, I also give him a skin and coat pill daily and spray him with something my vet told me to use. He doesnt get them as severe as if i didnt use it.

Our AB also has had a bumpy rash. We ended up changing his diet which excluded all corn products and this cured the problem. He has been rash free for about 6 months now. His food primarily consists of salmon/potato or wild game and potato.

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