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My boyfriend has a 14 month old AB that I am constantly around. He is always trying to bite toes, jump, and wants to be pet but nips on your hands as you try to. At this point, he weighs about the same as I do and he attacks (playfully but agressively) me everytime I am alone with him. He is way too large for me and I am not able to do anything alone with him without him jumping on me relentlessly. He knows the basic commands such as sit, shake, lay, but is stubborn and obeys when he feels like it. He is much better with my boyfriend, but jumps on any new person(especially female) even when you turn your back and ignore him. What are the best ways to get him to stop jumping, lunging, and biting?

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ABs stay in puppy hood for a comparatively long time. This is why he is still nipping your hands when you pet him. One thing I found that worked with my ABs is when they are nipping, cup the dogs lower jaw with your fingers, and, with your thumb, put pressure to the part that is under his tongue. Not enough to hurt him, just enough to where they are uncomfortable. Just a word of caution, this may take several attempts at first, as they may think you are playing. Just reinforce your actions with words of discouragement. As for the jumping, if you have let the dog do this for a period of time, you will have to train him to know that this not acceptable. What I have done for this is to take a choke collar on a leash, when they jump give a quick, sharp snap downwards, again not enough to hurt the dog, basically just to get his attention, with a commanding "NO." Remember, these dogs are very smart and will learn appropriate behavior quickly

Good advice. You can also use dog language by using a low growly tone of voice when scolding is appropriate and a high (normal female) voice for praise. The lower voice of men inspires more respect from the dog and the normal female voice, being higher, inspires play and also affection. So, typically, the dog obeys the man better but loves the woman more which is expressed by mouthing and jumping for joy. Exadurate your voice for best results.

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