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My elkhound is prone to sebaceous cysts. anyone have a treatment idea or similar problem?

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This is a common condition with elkhounds and frequently causes little problem. They can become large and rupture, and sometimes become infected. Keeping the skin clean with regular bathing can help their frequency by keeping down the bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt and oils that can collect on the skin surface and clog the pores. Many people use topical diluted tea tree oil on the skin, be VERY careful to avoid eyes, mucous membranes or any open wounds. Often the contents can be expressed like a pimple, though this can be a bit painful for the dog especially if the area is inflamed. Ultimately, they can be easily removed with minor surgery. Hope this is helpful, Graafin G. Leeuwenburg Graafin Norwegian Elkhounds www.graafin.com

I have had some success with Aloa Vera gel. Squeeze out the cyst and then apply.

Our dog has been the champion of sebaceous cysts. He started at 7 years and, at 15 still has them continuously. We have spent a fortune on this dog getting cysts removed when they bother him or get too large. They can be expressed, but we have found surgery to work best. We tried an accutane product for awhile with no success. Laser surgery has been great, and he doesn't need general anaesthesia. He is a sweetie and has never complained.

I have two Elkhounds that developed these cysts and have known others with Elkies that suffer from the same! I have had great success with feeding them Nutro Natural Lamb and Rice as their base dog food as well as things like lightly seared liver and pumpkin. When switching food in the past, every time I changed food, the cysts re-occurred. I would try any natural, grain -free high quality food containing lamb. I believe it is good for skin sensitivities. Give it a bit of time to work!

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