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My pug(black) just had a liter of pups.The male pug is fawn.....I have one pup that kinda looks like it may be silver in color......is this common or possible? and if so does that increase her value??

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I am a pug breeder and love all the color variations of pugs. So I have done a lot of research on the subject. To answer your question, true silver in the pug is a rare color indeed, which should not be confused with what is being called silver fawn (a white or nearly white pug with regular black markings and no black hairs over the body). I have only ever seen 1 true silver pug and have not found any pictures of one anywhere online currently. A few pictures of silvers I've seen are 100 yrs ago or more. So, it is not likely you have one, but not impossible either. As I said I did see 1 a couple of years ago, so they do exist. But most people wouldn't know one if they saw one. If one pops up in one of my litters, she'll be a keeper.

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