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Our AB is about 21 weeks old. He is solid white except for a dark spot around one eye. All of a sudden he has light tan spots all over his back, head and one ear. Is it normal for them to get late markings? There is no noticeable skin coloring under the spots.

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Yes this is normal. Our AB is 9 months old and when we got thim he only had markings around his eyes and a a few specks on his ears. As he has gotten older he has gotten the light brown markings (I call them freckles) on his back as well,, but they are very light and he is still a very beautify dog. Luckily, the owner we got him from warned us that this might happen, his mother started the same way and as she got older the dark marking started showing up.

My AB is 3 and up until last summer he was still getting a few more markings. He started out all white, also. Then came the tan spots on his ears, knuckles, back and one on his face. Now his skin on his belly is completely spotted too. The majority of his color is bar far still white, though. But my friends AB started out all white and actually ended up with a huge brindle patch on her back. I guess they are just late bloomers! =)

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