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We're going to be getting an AB female puppy soon... has anyone run into trouble with home owners insurance (in state of MA)?? I've read that potential problems with this breed

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If you get it as a puppy, don't worry, just train them, they have to know you love them and they have to know who is boss. If you train them to be friendly, they will be. Do not use too much aggression on these dogs, or they will be agressive themselves. Akita's are extremely hazardous, but people still maintain them and train them from puppyhood. So, its all about you, if you're willing to train it. My puppy was shy, but I took him out and he interacted with dogs. He grew up to be an amazing friend. Now my relatives own him and his is their favorite. I neede a smaller companion, thats why i gave him away. He was a mixed, AB with pitbull.

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